Lyme Innovation: Three Day Hackathon

June 17-19, 2016
Microsoft NERD Center
Cambridge, MA

Event Description:
Beginners, students, experts, engineers, makers, artists, storytellers — Lyme Innovation is for you! We welcome all passionate problem solvers to join our community of innovators. Citizens like you have already created thousands of open-source solutions together through code, data visualizations, hardware and design. How will you make your global impact

How will you help be a part of Lyme solutions? All ideas welcome!
There are over 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year in the US and it is the fastest spreading vector borne illness in the world. There is no cure for the chronic illness that can result from Lyme infection and no accurate diagnostics.

Innovative multidisciplinary teams will form and gather to propel the Lyme disease field to the next level. Join to learn about Lyme through lightening speeches, have access to an extensive group of mentors, and join a team to work on a project that addresses a top Lyme disease challenge.

Lyme Innovation will award up to $80,000 in prize funding in 2016! No prior Lyme disease research experience necessary.

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Lyme Innovation: How to Hack Lyme & Mini Hackathon

April 16th, 2016
MIT, Building 6, Room 120
Cambridge, MA

Event Description:
An afternoon of ignite speeches, team building, and learning! You will hear from Lyme disease experts and learn about unique challenges facing the field of Lyme disease. These complex problems include prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation. Time will be dedicated to networking, sharing ideas, and initiating team formation for the main hackathon event on June 17-19. Recognition and monetary awards will be given to teams with promising project ideas as judged by a panel of innovation, Lyme disease, and business experts.

Lyme Innovation Berkeley: Diagnosing, Treating and Preventing Chronic Lyme Disease!

April 16th-17th, 2016
Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program
Berkeley, CA

Event Description:
Join hackers from the Bay Area and across the country at MIT for Hacking Lyme! We’ll spend the weekend (April 16-17) building tools to prevent, diagnose, treat and support patients living with chronic Lyme disease.

Highlights include:

  • kickoff address streamed live from the White House
  • hack space at the Haas Innovation Lab and SkyDeck
  • $3,000 cash prizes
  • top team also receives a trip to Boston for the National event (June 17-19) to compete for five seed funding grants & more

This event is for experienced hackers as well as anyone who’s hacker-curious. Bring your skills, talents and best ideas–tech, business, design/UX, data science, clinical…everything! We’ll have ignite speeches, data sets, speed pitches and networking to help you find teams at the event.

Want to get started now? Check out for data and ideas.

Lyme Innovation 2016: Winning Teams

September 28, 2016
White House Open Data Summit, Washington, D.C.

Lyme Innovation 2016 Hackathon: Finalists & Recognition Awards
June 16, 2017
Cambridge, MA


Recognition Awards

Lyme Innovation 2016: How to Hack Lyme and Mini-Hackathon Winners
April 16-17, 2016
MIT, Cambridge, MA

Lyme Innovation Statistics and Impact


A diverse group of mentors was assembled to educate and advise teams throughout the hackathon. Lyme Innovation mentors represented a range of perspectives and backgrounds and contributed a wealth of expertise to the hackathon. 21 mentors (43% female/57% male) were accessible to the participants.

Recruitment and Education Effort

The invitation to participate in the first Lyme Disease hackathon was extended to a wide range of disciplines in both industry and academia. Through hackathon events and social media engagement, participants were educated about tick borne illness field priorities and research opportunities.


April Participants: Overview, Demographics & Survey Results

Lyme Innovation 2016: How to Hack Lyme and Mini-Hackathon served as an educational platform to educate a new generation of tick borne illness researchers about the fields’s top priorities.

A varied group of students and professionals who were engaged in research opportunities and were commited
to attend the June Lyme Innovation Hackathon gathered in two locations: MIT, Cambridge MA and Berkley, CA.


Flash Speeches

Participants at the Mini Hackathon were educated through a series of flash speeches about Lyme disease priorities. The participants went on to form preliminary hackathon teams and become engaged in early project development.

Dr. Ying Zhang, MD, PhD
Professor at Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Neil Spector, MD
Sandra Coastes Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke University School of Medicine

Dr. Nevena Zubcevik, DO
Harvard Medical School Attending Physician, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital – Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness

Dr. Kristen T. Honey, PhD, PMP
Policy Advisor, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Dr. Andreas Kogelnik, MD, PhD
President and Founder of the Open Medicine Institute, Infectious Disease Specialist

June Participants: Overview, Demographics & Survey Results

The Hackathon brought together a scientifically diverse group of students and professionals who were engaged in research opportunities and were motivated by the challenges of Lyme disease.

Lyme Innovation Event Map