Davide Marini, PhD

Technology entrepreneur with experience in life sciences and engineering

Davide Marini is a technology entrepreneur with experience in life sciences and engineering. Most recently he served as co-founder and CEO at Firefly BioWorks (an Abcam company). Firefly introduced an innovative technology platform, based on individually encoded hydrogel microparticles for high-throughput and multiplexed detection of microRNA biomarkers in blood. Prior to Firefly, Davide was a postdoctoral fellow at Children’s Hospital Boston, where he developed nanometer scale sensors for detecting the activity of ion channels and membrane transporters. Davide obtained his PhD in mechanical engineering from MIT, where he focused on peptide self-assembly. He started his career on the fixed-income derivatives trading floor at J.P. Morgan in London and eventually decided to pursue his passion for biotechnology. He obtained an MBA from Collège des IngĂ©nieurs (France) and a BS in industrial engineering from Politecnico of Milan (Italy).