Kristen T. Honey, PhD, PMP

Policy Advisor, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Kristen Honey is a Policy Advisor to the U.S. Chief Data Scientist and Chief Technology Officer in the White House, Executive Office of the President, Washington D.C. Her portfolio includes open data, My Data (e.g., Blue Button My Data health IT interoperability, Green Button My Data energy), and data-driven innovations for invisible illness, mental health and suicide prevention.

Kristen earned her PhD at Stanford University in Environment and Resources (E-IPER) while also earning a PhD minor in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. She holds an MA in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a BA in Human Biology with Honors from Stanford University. She brings unique experience and passion for synthesizing science and applying it to real-world policy and management challenges. Before joining the White House “TeamCTO” in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Kristen was a 2013-2015 AAAS Fellow through the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) at U.S. Department of Energy EERE Strategic Programs. Prior employers include NOAA Fisheries, USGS, CALFED, Environmental Defense Fund, the private consulting firm Eastern Research Group and her own co-founded technology start-up company.