Sahar S. Mahshid, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Toronto Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Sahar S. Mahshid is a postdoctoral researcher jointly appointed by Department of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Toronto and Département de chimie, Université de Montréal. She has extensive research background in integration of point-of-care molecular detection by surface engineering of advanced nano/biomaterials for diagnostic devices. She received her MSc (2006) and her PhD (2011) in Materials Science and Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (Tehran, Iran). Her earlier research focused on design, fabrication and characterization of various nanomaterials and nanostructured surfaces mostly for electrochemical sensing platforms. She then continued her postdoctoral research in the field of biosensing and point-of-care diagnostics by more focusing in biochemical and pharmaceutical approaches. Her work at Laboratory of Biosensors & Nanomachines, Université de Montréal, has attracted a lot of attentions as it is proposing a rapid quantitative single-step detection method for point-of-care diagnosis of a variety of biomarkers directly in unprocessed blood samples. Currently at University of Toronto, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, Sahar is involved in development of highly sensitive molecular detection platforms on the three-dimensional nanostructured microelectrodes.